​Property Management

Premier Ocean Shores .


We want good owners so we can work together to care for the  house/rental unit.
Our goal is to find good tenants who will take care of their home which is your house or rental unit. 

Fees: Placement Fee is

  • ½ of one full month rent. Management Fee is 10% of all rents collected   Management includes collecting rents, sending rents on to owners with a disbursement record each month of rents collected and fees collected by Premier. 
  • Determine what we believe is an amount that we can rent the house/unit for in a reasonable/short amount of time.  In other words what the market will bear.
  •  Work with the owner to make sure the home is ready for move in and have a check off list for that. 

 Finding a good tenant

  • We advertise on our Website, www.proceanshores.com Zillow, Trulia, referrals, signs, our office is visible.  Often homes are rented before they are advertised!
  • We interview regarding number of people, pets, income, job situation to qualify applicants as a good fit for the home.
  • We run a criminal background/credit check and verify income.  Do they have the finances for deposit, rent and utilities for move in.

What we do

  • Move in walk through with thorough pictures. 
  • Take trouble calls, arrange for repairs, maintenance as necessary according to tenant needs/rights and the safety and integrity of your investment. 
  • We have a list of vendors to call on who we have worked with and trust. 
  • Drive by the house regularly.
  • We continue a good ongoing relationship with the tenants so we can take care of the home and make any arrangements needed if rent is a problem because of a life event.  Life happens.
  • Make a “visit” to the home before renewing a lease.  Send a visit report to the owner, which may include a list of items the tenant has pointed out and/or we have noticed are needed to maintain the house.  We are not licensed inspectors, should the owner want an “inspection” we will provide a list of licensed inspectors.

 We have fun, as we work hard to do the best job for the owners and the tenants.  We love living here on the edge of the earth, at the beach.

What We Do